12 Hours with Dude

Last month, my family made the difficult decision to put down our 13 year old lab, my childhood dog, Dude. I was lucky enough to spend the the last 12 hours by his side. I was able to capture a few moments on film, and can easily say I'll cherish these for ever.

Bronica SQ-A, 80mm 2.8, Fuji 800 NPZ (expired)

Bessa R, 35mm 1.7, Tri-X 400

Developing Your Life

My friends Roger & Nate help a getaway/ workshop/ camp to teach people the awesomeness of shooting and developing film. It was, unsurprisingly, awesome.

Hasselblad X-Pan, Zone IV View, Bronica SQ-a, Mamiya RB67, Yashica 124G, Nikon OneTouch


The Mountain, CA