Rex & Kelly | Married

Last summer, Kelly & Rex tied the knot at wonderful (front and) backyard wedding in Santa Cruz, and boy was it awesome -- a celebration and then a party!

I've been waiting to post these, and I'm excited to share them now.

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Rex & Kelly | Engaged

There's something wonderful about photographing your friends. It always seems to last much longer, probably because of all the laughs.

Thanks Rex & Kelly for a really good time, and for dinner at Umami. 

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Personal Journal

I've been pretty bad about updating this blog and my portfolio recently, but I've uploaded quite a few images onto my (formerly) secret personal journal

These images are all part of my out-and-about life: fun weekend activities, vacations, dinner with friends. 

While not as fancy as weddings, I like these photos nearly as much.  

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Kelly & Tyler | Portraits

Kelly & Tyler are good people. Kelly is a photographer, and Tyler a musician.

When I got the chance to visit them in San Francisco, and spend an entire afternoon traversing around the city and taking photos, I was definitely excited.

And no, these aren't engagement photos (at least I don't think so); we'll have to do those another time, right Tyler? 

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